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Join Team Muse! | Leakana’s Apprentice Story

Hey! I’m an apprentice here at Muse but I actually started my career as the salon’s receptionist. After a few short weeks watching the team on the salon floor, and listening to some of their conversations about the actual science of hairdressing, their passion for designing hair for clients, and the cool events and photoshoots they get to work at, I desperately wanted to be a part of it.


I’m in the second year of my apprenticeship now and when thinking about how far I’ve progressed, from the first day I stepped out from behind the salon’s front desk, I can’t quite believe it. We are given so many opportunities to learn – we officially train with Muse artists weekly and the salon has a structured system to guide us. I love to gain new skills, it’s hard to describe but it’s a really happy and positive feeling. I can’t wait to dive deeper into my career, continue to learn as much I can and grow my own clientele. #inspired


Are you keen to join team Muse? Read the job description below and get in touch with us at

Apprentice Job Description

Title:  Salon Apprentice 
Location: Surry Hills 

Primary Tasks:

  • Provide energetic and positive client focussed service at all times
  • Provide assistance to other team members and management as required
  • General salon cleaning of all surfaces
  • Provide assistance with basin procedures, technical work and styling
  • Attend and participate in training set up to increase skill levels and competence
  • Maintenance of recognised Work, Health & Safety requirements
  • Provide reception support to the salon and its clientele, when and if needed by coordinator
  • Maintain an up to date and accurate knowledge of the salon products and services
  • Maintenance and sales of retail products and treatments
  • Participate in designated marketing and promotional advertising
  • Cleaning of salon equipment, furniture and washing of capes and towels
  • Support and cooperate with person “in charge” of cleaning