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Your Hair is the Crown you Never Take Off

I find home hair care is a very misunderstood subject, when it’s the most important part! Why spend hundreds of dollars on your hair at the salon to not look after it at home? It’s like buying a leather jacket an throwing it in the wash when you get home.

The 2 most important components in your hair are protein and moisture, everyday living affects these components;

  • Exposure to sun/inside lights
  • Colouring hair 
  • Blow drying or straightening 
  • Salt water/ chlorine 

Using the right products for your hair (and your lifestyle) is easy when you know what your hair needs! Your hair NEEDS protein, moisture and protection!

Heat protection is a MUST when using hot tools, this prevents your hair from drying out, colour fade and eventually snapping off… or having to have a big cut.
Recommended Product: Shu Uemura Satin Design is great for protecting your hair from heat and humidity.

UV protection stops wind, natural light (and inside lights!) from drying out your hair whilst preventing colour fade and age.
Recommended Product: Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Double Serum, shields the hair’s surface, repels urban pollutants as well as rebuilding, re-nourishing and repairing your hair.

Moisture softens the hair and adds flexibility helping to nourish and rebalance the PH levels to prevent it from drying out. Curly hair needs more moisture than any other hair type because of the spiral structure, natural oils take longer to get to the bottom.
Recommended Product:Shu Uemura Essence Absolue is a hero product that leaves your hair ultra nourished.

Protein builds strength and resilience. Protein works on the reconstruction side of the hair, rebuilding disulphide bonds, rebalancing the PH levels to preventing breakage and seal the cuticle closed. Recommended Product: Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Duo Serum restores your hair from the inside out, lotus oil for shine and nourishment and added ceramide repairs and strengthens the hair follicle.

Weekly treatments are like steroids for hair, restoring from deep in the cortex to closing the outer hair fibre leaving your crown stronger, healthier, softer, and with a beautiful shine.
Recommended Product: Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Remedy for distressed hair, Silk Bloom for damaged hair, Urban Moisture for dry hair and Muroto for fine hair. 

If you love being outdoors, swimming, going to the beach then hair sunscreen is a must for you.
Shu Uemura offer the best on the market, Thermo Milk insulates the cortex from water and other external stress factors with heat protection.

There are so many products out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so nail it down to what your hair needs most! Protein will harden your hair giving it the strength, Moisture will soften and nourish your hair leaving it soft and flexible. Simple as that! For prescribed advice, have a chat with your stylist when next in the salon.

Brenna x

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