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Redken CITY BEATS the new kid on the block.

Muse Colourist Rachel Busby gives us the goss!

Who’s the new kid on the block?
Let’s give it up for CITY BEATS!!!!!!
The latest addition to Redken’s already famous shades eq range
City beats is a brand new super awesome semi permanent color range.
What does this mean?
The color you see is the color you get.
If it looks pink coming out of the tube,it will be pink
It has an acidic ph the color is really conditioning- this equals super happy hair

With names derived from NYC the collection screams try me!!!
city ballet pink and midtown magenta are definitely my go to for soft fairy floss pink ( one of my favorite colors on my hair)

With a range of 8 colors at the moment and more arriving soon,if you ever wanted to try that pastel lavender or a bright turquoise ,that all the IT girls on Instagram are wearing
Now is time!
And the best part is that there is a color remover included in the range.
Now you can try out a new look with zero commitment
Are you ready to dance to a city beat?

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